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handcrafted sculptures, vases and more.

cast glass.

prices on request.


custom orders welcomed.
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Baker O’Brien is an established world-class glass artist. As the sole apprentice of legendary glass-master Dominick Labino, she has been mixing, melting and blowing vividly colored glass for over 30 years. She uses strong, rich colors in bold simple forms for one of a kind glass pieces of distinction.


Having come to the Labino Studio in 1975 with a background in metalwork, she has never lost the love of creating art in gold.  Rings have been symbolically significant since the beginning of time and her work with archeologists has given her an appreciation of the appeal of timeless design.  Seeing pieces she made many years ago still worn gives her great satisfaction.  Her signature is her carved glass heart encased in gold that can be worn on a necklace or as a pendant. Baker’s work is exhibited in numerous private and public collections.



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