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First, a Consultation

The first step in redesigning or creating a custom piece of jewelry is to meet with artist Baker O’Brien. Baker will get to know you, begin to create a design and plan, and talk budget and timeline. You may work together to craft your design, or request that Baker takes creative direction. The process will be smooth and exciting, as Baker has created hundreds of custom jewelry pieces.


Your first meeting can either take place at Labino Studio in Grand Rapids, OH, or remotely. If you’re not local to the area, your custom jewelry experience can be completely virtual.


Please bring any pieces of jewelry you’d like to use in your design. You may have none, or only some. Labino Studio has a selection of gemstones, and your choice of 14k, 18k white or yellow, or 22k gold. 

Next: the Wax Model

Equipped with the information from your consultation, Baker will start working on your wax model. The wax model allows you to see exactly what your finished piece would look like. Clients typically view, approve, or can make changes to the model via text. Once approved by you, Baker will move on to creating your custom piece!

Now, it's Handcrafted

Now, you wait. Baker gets to work melting, pouring, molding, and perfecting. Typical turn around is a few weeks. Soon enough, you’ll be able to pick up your handcrafted piece. 

Image 1.png

Finally, it's Yours

Once Baker has finished crafting your piece, she’ll arrange a time for you to come pick it up or she will securely ship your jewelry to you. We know that you'll love your handcrafted piece and will cherish it for years or generations to come.

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